Goodbye The Towers, Hello WeWork

Goodbye The Towers, Hello WeWork

Written by
Fred Thompson
Date published
January 18, 2023

It’s been a strange year for corporate real estate, and an even stranger one for our elegant home for the past 6 years, The Towers in Didsbury. Yes, the image above was indeed our business home since 2017. It’s every bit as incredible as it looks.

In recent years, however, the 150 year old building with its own Wikipedia page has seen a strange series of events; ranging between a largely full set of desks, a half empty setup with a bizarre one way system with far too much hand gel, to a completely empty office devoid of life.

Life at the Towers has certainly changed.

Flexibility for our team

But things have changed by design.

In mid 2022 we opened up the option for each team member to work exactly the way they want; whether that be fully remote, in the office 5 days a week, or some form of hybrid approach. We knew our contracted period at The Towers was coming to an end, and took the decision to see how - given complete flexibility - our teams would utilise the office space.

Even though everyone in the business had access to the office, we only saw 20% of our team access the workspace at all during a six-week period.

We simply didn’t need the office space we previously had.

It was no longer fit for purpose.

A fresh space for modern work

Enter our new home at WeWork, Dalton Street, Manchester.


It’s a fresh take that is perfect for our flexible and balanced work life.

Even though our previous office had seen a large drop off in traffic, we still see the value of getting together regularly and having a base we can call home for brainstorming sessions or to be the start of social events.

Our new office brings back many reasons to want to collaborate and socialise again in this awesome city-centre location, and here’s just a few of the highlights:

  • 🐕 Dog Friendly
  • ☀️ Roof Top Terrace
  • 🌥️ Covered Outdoor Social Space
  • 🛋️ Large Break Out/Social Areas Indoors
  • 🏓 Table Tennis Table
  • ☕️ Free Barista onsite
  • 🧘🏼 Regular Social Events
  • 🚴🏻 Bike Storage Facilities
  • 🚿 Onsite Showers
  • 🍺 Free Beer & Cider on Tap

Yes, that’s free beer & cider. This has no influence on our selection criteria, I can assure you. 👀

A new era

We’re looking forward to our new home, and we’ll be warming the seats fully by the end of February 2023, so if you’re in town and fancy a tour of our new dwelling, we’d love to see you. If you time it right, you might even get a free beer. 🍻

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